RMRI, LLC offers a number of resources to assist you in beginning or continuing you investigation. A short description coupled with a link to page is listed below. Bookmark this page for future reference.

Resources with links

PI Myths

Many myths, misconceptions, and outright falsehoods surround the Private Investigation business. This section is designed to give you a clearer idea of what a private investigator does, how we work, what kind of situations we deal with, what kind of a living we make, what we can and can not do,  etc.

Ask a PI

Ever have a question about a case, situation, incident, or just about the PI business in general? Submit you question here and we’ll reply with a post detailing our answer. if your question is used, you’ll receive a discount on our services!

Court Search

The quickest and easiest way to uncover information about criminal or civil cases someone is involved in is by searching through the various state court management systems (sometimes referred to as CaseNet). While this sounds simple enough, locating and navigating those systems can be a challenge. For your convenience, RMRI LLC has compiled a list of links to all these databases. While we can’t assure every state’s database is 100% up-to-date and correct, this can provide a great starting point to your investigation.

Guide to Hiring a PI

Hiring a private investigator can prove to be a difficult and tricky task. There are many PI’s who promise fantastic results but may not be able to live up to their own hype and deliver the expected results. Our guide will help you understand what to look for, what to avoid, and what can realistically be expected from an investigation conducted by a reputable PI.