PERSONAL SAFETY – Awareness And Perception: What’s Reasonable And What’s Paranoid?


We have to worry about our personal safety more now than ever, it seems. In current times, we see a lot of terrible things. We see mass shootings, like what just happened in Las Vegas, and a host of other types of random violence. We see people doing whatever they have to do to get by, including stealing from other people. We’ve see terrible acts of terrorism, and more. We are bombarded with enough displays of violent content in the media that even the.most docile person could become.paranoid.

It is easy these days to be labeled as paranoid. However there are.some things to consider before you allow that lable to cause you to drop your guard. First, it is widely accepted that we should trust our instincts, so why shouldn’t this apply if we feel like we are in danger? Second, it is true that the media has bought the events that we are seeing faster and with more frequency than it ever has before, but as that happens we become more desensitized to the violence that we are seeing, and that violence becomes more acceptable to people with weak moral character. Third, the world IS a more desperate place than it ever has been with population going up and resources going down. All of this is to say, that I do believe we are more likely these days to be targeted for an act of violence whether it be random or premeditated.

As a private investigator and prior to that a private sector fugitive recovery agent that has observed people over two thirds of my adult life, I can tell you for the most part people are on the other end of the spectrum from paranoid. Most people are really not that aware of what is going on around them.



One of the situations that RMRI, LLC. always finds itself in, is whether a prospective client has a legitimate stalking case, or if there are a series of coincidences that have given our prospective client some concerns, yes there is a such a thing as coincidence. In all honesty, there is only one safe way to deal with a stalking case, and that is to take it seriously, and investigate the the case as if it is true on its face. Dismissing stalking cases as paranoia could present a regretful situation for the private investigator. While there is certainly a fine line between trying to be judicious, and also trying to protect the safety of your client or prospective client, the fact of the matter is a client’s safety and welfare trump’s any financial consideration one might make in such a case. While RMRI, LLC. always strives to be judicious, and not wasteful with our client’s funds, we will not worry about what other Private investigation companies might imply over our client’s safety and security.

If you feel like you are being stalked or harrassing, or are u see some sort of a threat, RMRI, LLC. will take your case seriously, treat you with dignity and respect, and give your case the same attention to detail and care as every case we work.


Rick Gurley Private Investigator at RMRI, LLC.






Rick Gurley Private Investigator at RMRI, LLC.